UTV358 - 60W 4800 Lumen Flush Fit LED Work Light JD R Serie

UTV358 - 60W 4800 Lumen Flush Fit LED Work Light JD R Serie


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UTV358 – oval flush fit LED work light
4800 actual Lumens
Zero radio interference
Maintains OEM appearance
Designed for John Deere R Series tractors (John Deere connector included)



The UTV358 is an oval flush fit LED work light that is designed for John Deere R Series tractors. Constructed with this model in mind, this light will not look out of place on your machine as we pride ourselves in offering products that maintain the OEM appearance of your tractor. The impressive output of 4800 actual Lumens gives you the illumination you need for distance and for you to complete night time jobs in daylight conditions. The John Deere connector included allows plug-and-play capabilities meaning that you can carry on with those important jobs without being slowed down by any time-consuming modifications. No radio interference means that you can listen to your radio, CB radio and GPS without any irritating interruptions or crackles.



4800 Lumen

6 inch x 3 inch x 3.25 inch

Prevents electrical interference to high standards of CISPR25 CLASS 4

John Deere connector included

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UK Office: +38630238480


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