UTV324 - 60W 4800Lumen Round Flush Fit LED Work Light – Hib

UTV324 - 60W 4800Lumen Round Flush Fit LED Work Light – Hib


£75.00 ex VAT

Round flush fit LED work light

Hybrid beam: 4800 actual Lumens

Highlights a tighter, narrower area and greater distance


Zero radio interference

Maintains OEM appearance

Suitable for: Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Claas, Arion, Axion, Axos, Lexion, JCB and various machines – contact us to discuss the suitability of your model



The UTV324 is a round work light that is a flush fit to seamlessly match the OEM appearance as well as integrating effortlessly allowing unhindered fitting to your machine. It can certainly shed some serious focused light with 4800 Lumens (that’s actual Lumens) as this light is designed to give you the ability to highlight a tighter, narrower area but gives significant visibility of objects at a greater distance. The easy plug-and-play function on this light cuts out any requirement to modify your machine meaning that you can start using this light for great results from day one.

If you have a Fastrac 8300 or 4200 you will require UTV701

Looking for a wider spread of light then check out our UTV325.


60W CREE XTE led hybrid beam

4800 Lumen

CISPR25 – CLASS 4 prevention against electrical interference

H9 connector


Please call for more information:

UK Office: +38630238480


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