UTV602 - Marker Light – Black Bezel – Amber>

UTV602 - Marker Light – Black Bezel – Amber>


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UTV602 – LED marker light

Button Amber Strobe

Black Bezel

Zero radio interference





We understand how important safety is when using big machinery that is why our range of LED warning lights are made to the highest quality protecting yourselves and your machines. Our range of LED marker lights offer a warning light that thrives in challenging conditions that are often faced within the agricultural and construction sector. The UTV602 has a black bezel surround which gives you the option to fit in with your vehicles appearance. The LED technology ensures you can carry out any task with the peace of mind that these lights have a low power consumption. As with all our products, which we believe is unique to our lights, there is no radio interference – no irritating crackles when your radio, CB radio and even your GPS is on meaning you can carry on with no interruptions well into the night.


Button Strobe – Black Bezel – Amber

Size: 30.3 x 22.3mm

High performance LED lenses and chips


Voltage: 10-30V, DC

Operating temp: -40° to 65°

Zero radio interference

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UK Office: +38630238480


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