UTV413 - Oval Shaped Light (UTV328) Straight Line (RED) Saf

UTV413 - Oval Shaped Light (UTV328) Straight Line (RED) Saf


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UTV413 – Oval straight-line blue safety perimeter LED light

Colour: Red

Mounting bracket included

DT connector on cable

Zero radio interference



Our innovative red safety perimeter LED light: the ideal blend of illumination and safety!

Illuminate your surroundings and increase safety with our oval-shaped straight-line safety perimeter LED light. This state-of-the-art lighting solution is meticulously crafted to establish a crystal-clear visual boundary, ensuring uncompromised safety across a diverse range of applications. The striking red LED light grabs immediate attention, making it perfect for navigating blind corners and tight spaces, guaranteeing a secure working environment for drivers and nearby staff. Noteworthy features include exceptional durability, allowing it to withstand demanding conditions and a user-friendly mounting system that ensures effortless installation.


Power: 2x 10W Luminous LED
Pattern: Line beam
Colour Temperature: Red
Voltage: 9 – 110V DC
DT connector on cable
Operation Temperature: -40°~+85° C
Waterproof & Dustproof: IP68
Durable UV Polyester powder coating
Die-cast aluminum housing
Durable polycarbonate lens
Overvoltage protection

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