UTV411 - Rectangular Straight Line (RED) Safety Perimeter L

UTV411 - Rectangular Straight Line (RED) Safety Perimeter L


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UTV411 – Rectangular straight Line

Colour: Red

Mounting bracket included

DT connector on cable

Zero radio interference



Our rectangular safety perimeter light: where illumination meets safety!

Illuminate your surroundings with confidence and maximise safety with our cutting-edge rectangular safety perimeter light. Designed to provide a clear visual boundary and ensure utmost safety, this light is perfect for various applications. The vibrant red LED light stands out and is ideal for blind corners and tight spaces, creating a safe working environment for drivers and staff. With high durability and easy installation, it handles challenging conditions effortlessly.


Power: 6x 5W Luminous LED
Pattern: Line beam
Colour Temperature: Red
Voltage: 9 – 110V DC
DT connector on cable
Operation Temperature: -40°~+85° C
Waterproof & Dustproof: IP68
Durable UV Polyester powder coating
Die-cast aluminum housing
Durable polycarbonate lens
Overvoltage protection

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