UTV530 - Wireless Taillight- 108mmSq Taillight – Tail/Stop/

UTV530 - Wireless Taillight- 108mmSq Taillight – Tail/Stop/


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UTV530 – Wireless LED taillight

Red and amber coloured lights

Multifunctional Rear Combination Light
3 Functions: Tail position, Stop, Turn

Magnet base

8h on a fully charged battery

Wireless transmission control: 30-50m



We understand how important safety is when using big machinery that is why our range of LED warning lights are made to the highest quality protecting yourselves and your machines. The UTV530 is a multifunctional rear combination LED taillight with 3 functions: tail, stop and indication all in one housing unit. Keep warnings visual and reduce accidents. An excellent warning light allowing people and other machines can see you with ease – be seen on and off the road. The magnet mount and wireless transmission features gives you the freedom to mount it to various places on your machine so you never have to worry about being seen with our range of LED warning lights. As with all our products, which we believe is unique to our lights, there is no radio interference – no irritating crackles when your radio, CB radio and even your GPS is on meaning you can carry on with no interruptions well into the night.


Size: 108X102X76mm
Voltage: 10-30V, DC
LED colour: red and amber
IP Rating: IP67
Operating temp: -40° – +65°C
Approvals: ECE R6 R7, EMC R10, RoHS
Wireless transmission control: 30-50M
Hour of Use: 8h on a fully charged battery
Magnet Base

3 Functions:

Stop: 6 LED, 1.5W

Rear position: 14 LED, 1.5W

Turn: 4 LED, 1.1W

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