LED Lightbars versus LED Work Lights

Comparing LED lightbars and LED work lights

LED lightbars vs work lights.

LED lightbars versus LED work lights? Which one do you go for? Is there a comparison? Read on to find out.


Go the distance

Sometimes a little guidance might be required to understand the lighting needs of your work. Often people think they want a lightbar for work that needs a lot of light when in fact a work light would be better suited. If you are looking to gain distance when doing an LED upgrade then a lightbar is what you need. At UTV Products, we first find out the type of work you are doing so we can best advise the LED lighting solutions for you.

Measuring up

Of course, you might think the most obvious information you would check is the Lumen value of the LED lights. But, although this tells you how much the light pumps out, it won’t necessarily give you an idea of how far the light will reach. For this, you need to look out for the Lux measurement to give you an idea of how far the lightbar output would be.

Looks good

Any difference between a curved or straight design? Curved can blend in with your vehicle and give you a subtler upgrade to the appearance of your machine. A straight lightbar design can make a statement and help you stand out from a crowd.

At UTV Products we offer a range of LED lightbars with a castellated locking mechanism which means although it locks the light in place there is room for slight adjustment of the light. So, you can personalise your machine’s light as well as have the option to direct the light where you need it.

Work Lights

Focus your light

As mentioned earlier people often think it is a lightbar that they want to buy. After conservations with one of our LED lighting experts, they find sometimes work lights are their best option. We find out what machine the light would be fitted to and what the light will be mostly used for to tailor a light package to suit your needs.

Add the light where you need it

Because of the compact design of UTV Products work lights, you can fit them where you most need the light. The range of plug-and-play options gives you an easy upgrade to enhance where you need it with no fuss or tricky modifications.

Size and space

Sometimes it can depend on what space there is on the machine you are wanting to upgrade. Work lights offer you the chance to fit lights in smaller spaces and quite often our customers buy multiple to enhance their machine’s light output.

Simply put, if it was distance you needed then a lightbar option would be the best. If it’s a lot of light then a work light would hit the spec.


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