Looking After Your LED Lights

Looking after your UTV Products LED lights.

Looking after your LED lights.

All LED lights that UTV Products are fitted to are machines that work in harsh and challenging environments. From tractors, diggers and sprayers to lorries and 4x4s, dirt and dust can inevitably build up on some parts of the light. This is due to where the light is mounted coupled with the type of work and harsh environments they are continually exposed to.

Working in these settings’ dirt will obviously attach itself to the light. A build-up of this can affect the lights so it is always worth giving them a clean regularly. We know that many customers can be short on time but a clean from time to time can ensure you get the most out of your lights.

We recommend the parts of the light that need a little more of your attention are the lens and in between the cooling fins. This is to avoid a build-up and ensure that the light can work to its full potential.

In particular, LEDs that are fitted to sprayers can be exposed to harsh chemicals. Our UTV339 LED is designed to work in these challenging conditions. This light is chemical-resistant to pendimethalin meaning this is designed to work with highly corrosive pre-emergence sprays which usually attack the polycarbonate glass lens on a standard light. The UV coating on the paint adds even more chemical resistance too.

Of course, these LEDs are robust lights so they are always going to be reliable through any conditions but a clean from time to time can only enhance your LED lights more. Look out for our posts over the summer months on social media where we will be doing our own tests to see if we can really push these lights to the limits.

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May 2023