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Customer Review of UTV Products

One of our customers kindly emailed over a review of our New Holland Forage harvester LED lights…

“We have only installed half of the lights to see a comparison, which the results speak for themselves. A great light pattern along with excellent brightness and colour. Much kinder on the eye in my opinion. Below is the step by step experience I had with your product.

Delivery was quick and easy with the packaging was minimal but sufficient with each light unit coming in its own box.

The operation of changing over the light units were straight forward and relatively simple.

We had a set of safety steps as oppose to ladders to make the job safer.


Step 1: Removal of light surround. This is done by using a cross head screw driver. Once done the whole surround comes out with each light fitting held in to the surround with 3 bolts plus the cables with quick release plugs.

Step 2: Undo cable plugs. This is a bit of a three-handed job as you need to support the weight of the light surround as you take the cable plugs off to stop it falling to the ground once the last plug is undone.

Step 3: Take off the old light units by undoing 3 bolts on each unit. Tools needed are a cross head screw driver and a 8mm deep socket ratchet/spanner.

Step 4: Replace old light unit for the new LED units. This is simple and straight forward. The holes line up with ease and the existing bolts can be reused. One thing we noticed was the hole size for the bolts were correct on the LED unit but the layer of paint meant that the bolt had to be wound in. This obviously gave a very snug fit. One more point was that the bolts were plenty long enough but this is only due to the bracket situated closer to the light surround as you can see in the pictures. It does not effect anything it just means more winding.

Step 5: Repeat process for each unit.

Step 6: Putting the light surround with the LED units back onto the machine is a case of doing the revise of how it came off. Fit the two pin plugs back to the corresponding cable and firmly tighten the light surround back in place.

Step 7: Step back and see the results for yourself.”


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