UTV246 - 96W 20″ 8100 Lumen Slimline Lightbar – Vertical DRL – Driving Beam

UTV246 - 96W 20″ 8100 Lumen Slimline Lightbar – Vertical DRL – Driving Beam


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UTV246 – LED lightbar
96W, 8100 actual Lumens
Driving beam (35-degrees)
20″ Ultra slimline LED lightbar
Anti-rust/corrosion/freezing resistance
Zero radio interference


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The UTV246 is a 20″ lightbar and pumps out 8100 actual Lumens offering an increase in light reach simplifying tasks in low-light environments or assisting with late-night driving minimising eye fatigue. The slimline nature of this lightbar means it won’t look out of place on your machine but doesn’t compromise on maximum results when it comes to visibility which is shown by the 35-degrees driving beam. One standout feature of our product line, including the UTV246, is the absence of radio interference. A technology we pioneered and still lead in this area. Say goodbye to annoying crackles on your radio, CB radio and even your GPS. With our lights you can enjoy uninterrupted performance well into the night. Built to last, this lightbar is designed to thrive in tough conditions with anti-rust, anti-corrosion and freezing resistance this light would be a great addition to your workhorse machine.


96W, 8100 actual Lumens


Driving beam (35-degrees)

Anti-rust/corrosion/freezing resistance

Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)

Over/under voltage protection

UV resistant, shock resistant-15G

Dimensions: 520 * 40.5 * 52.5 mm

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