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The compact folding pouch with four adjustable Joker 6004 spanners covers all metric and imperial dimensions in applications from 7 to 19 mm or 1/4″ to ¾”

Automatic and continuous gripping of the hexagon screw or bolt

Lever mechanism when gripping avoids slippage and damage

Fast and consistent screwdriving without removing the wrench thanks to mechanical ratchet function

Return angle of only 30° through placement in the corner-width rectangular prisms in the mouth



6004 Joker 4 Set 1 Self-Adjusting Spanner Set

The compact folding bag with four adjustable Joker 6004 covers all metric and imperial dimensions in the range of applications from 7 to 19 mm or 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch automatic and stepless gripping of hexagonal screws and nuts. Lever mechanism when gripping prevents slipping and damage. Quick and continuous screwing without setting the key thanks to mechanical ratchet function. Swing angle of only 30° by inserting in the corner prisms in the mouth.



1x 6004 Joker XS; 1x 6004 Joker S; 1x 6004 Joker M; 1x 6004 Joker L





Automatic and infinitely self-adjusting.

Gentle on screws.

Ratchet mechanism for quick work.

Low rewind angle.

Automatic and infinitely self-adjusting.

Thanks to the automatically infinitely accessible parallel jaws, the Joker 6004 open-end spanner covers all dimensions in the respective area of application. The key will find the required size when attaching to the nut or screw without adjusting by itself.

Gentle on screws.

The parallel smooth jaws of the Joker 6004 allow for surface pressing and can thus avoid rounding of the nut or screw head, which can occur during power transmission over corners.

Ratchet mechanism for quick work.

The ratchet function in the mouth ensures fast and continuous screwing without settling.

Low rewind angle.

The corner width prisms in the mouth allow a return angle of only 30°.

Product description:

Many users want a universal screw tool with the largest possible range of applications. It should be a single tool for several metric and imperial measurements. It should automatically adjust to different screw sizes. Safely pack, no damage and allow a high working speed. Thanks to the infinitely and parallel jaws, several individual open-ended spanner dimensions are replaced. The required size adjusts continuously when attaching to the hexagonal nut or screw. The integrated lever mechanism clamps the hexagonal screw or Nut securely between the jaws which significantly reduces the risk of slipping and damage. The ratchet function ensures quick and continuous screws without settling down. Thanks to the use of the corner width prisms, a backswing angle of only 30° can be achieved. The one-leg construction in combination with the ratchet function and the corner width prism allows you to work even in tight building spaces. The adjustable Joker 6004 is the universal screw tool. Self-adjusting Snagging Ratchet Four piece set for at least 18 different metric and imperial screw drives in compact folding bag. The bag is suitable for attaching to the wall, shelf, workshop trolley and Wera 2go system thanks to the Velcro system on the back.

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