UTVW05073599001 - Wera 967SPKL/9BO Multicolour TX-key set, TX8 – TX40, 9pc

UTVW05073599001 - Wera 967SPKL/9BO Multicolour TX-key set, TX8 – TX40, 9pc

SKU: UTVW05073599001

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  • L-keys for TORX BO screws to loosen safety connections
  • Colour coded, easy-to-grip plastic sleeve, even at low temperatures
  • BlackLaser tempered offers optimum surface protection for a long service life
  • The ballpoint allows offset working
  • Wear-resistant inscription of the sizes of the L-keys contained on the clip



  • L-keys with TORX security profile

    L-keys with TORX borehole profile for access to TORX and TORX BO (with bore hole) screw connections, stored in a wear-resistant clip for enhanced durability and secure storage of the L-keys. The round bar design adds strength and robustness to the L-keys – particularly where smaller sizes are concerned. BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion for a long service life. Thermoplastic sleeves ensure the L-keys are easy-to-grip and comfortable to use, even at low temperatures; take it easy tool finder provides fast & easy selection of the required size, thanks to the instantly recognisable colour coded system.


    TORX BO security profile

    Ergonomic sleeves for extreme comfort, even when working at low temperatures.


    Take it easy tool finder colour coded system

    TORX with borehole (BO)

    L-keys for security TORX borehole screws with protruding pin. TORX borehole L-keys also fit traditional TORX screws.

    Ergonomic Sleeve

    Provide grip and comfort, even when working in cold temperatures; Additional round bar design provides strength and robustness to the L-keys.

    Ball End

    Ball-end profile on the long arm allows the user to work on an angle, great for working with difficult to access screws.

    Take It Easy

    The required size of L-key is instantly recognisable thanks to the Take It Easy tool finder colour coded system.

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