UTV Try-Outs: A Work Light Review

UTV Products - A work light review

The UTV Products Try-Outs – A work light review

An LED comparison: John Deere vs UTV

For most people, straying from the original manufacturer when purchasing new LED lights can be daunting. There is a lot of choice in the industry and choosing the right lights really matters.

There are premium branded lights, spare part supplier lights and cheap and cheerful lights. There is a lot to consider when upgrading your machine’s LEDs so you might ask yourself why choose UTV Products?

UTV Products have confidence in the unparalleled performance of their lights, so they have started the UTV Try-Outs (a light comparison series) to gain your confidence too. This month, they tested John Deere’s LED work light with our UTV359 LED work light. You won’t believe the results.

The Work Light Comparison

The UTV Team wanted to compare the John Deere work light and the UTV359 work light. The Lux reader was set up on a stand 10 metres away from the John Deere light. First up was the John Deere light, and it was impressive! It was bright and lit up the space, but what did the Lux readings say? 30.7 Lux was recorded at 10 metres.

Next was the moment of truth for the UTV359 light. When not powered up it looked very similar in appearance to the John Deere light (after all, we are OEM manufacturers). However, it was when the power was switched on that UTV359 really sparked a noticeable difference! Lux reading taken: an impressive 70.5 lux at 10 metres.

To investigate this further, the UTV Team took Lux readings at 25 metres too. The John Deere light read 4.5 lux and the UTV359 light read 12.2 lux. That is over two times greater illuminance for the UTV359 compared to the John Deere light at 10 metres, and almost three times greater illuminance at 25 metres.

So, there you have it, the UTV359 is a winner when it comes to spread of light and how far the light travels. If you’re looking for a light that can evenly light up your work area with no bright spots or bleached out white areas, then look no further than UTV Products.

Is brightness everything?

But is brightness everything? We know that our customers love a powerful LED light, however we also know that our customers like to maintain their machine’s OEM appearance. That is why UTV Products manufacture their lights to mimic the factory-fitted finish but to have a much greater output. As mentioned earlier, the UTV359 looked rather similar in appearance to that of the John Deere work light when the power was off. This means that when fitted to your machine, the light aesthetic doesn’t look out of place.

What is Lux?

What even is Lux, you ask? Jack from UTV Products helps us break it down:

“The best measure of a light’s performance is by comparing the lux readings. Lux is the SI unit of illuminance and is equal to one lumen per square metre. In simple terms, it is the brightness of the light measured at a defined point in the distance.”

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