Why use Agri-Engineers?

UTV Products and agri-engineers

Agricultural Engineers are a vital part of spreading the UTV LED revolution.

Our Agricultural Engineers we supply to are a vital part of spreading the UTV LED revolution. They offer a vast amount of knowledge of our lights as well as giving you that ‘in person’ help through the sales and installation process. Read on to find out more ways using Agri-engineers are beneficial to you.

Knowledge and expertise

Agri-engineers have extensive knowledge about UTV LED lights and can provide valuable insights into different LED light options. They understand the specific lighting needs and challenges in the agricultural sector, allowing them to guide customers effectively in choosing the right lighting solutions.


Agri-engineers offer personalised, in-person assistance throughout the sales and installation process. They can provide on-site evaluations, recommend suitable UTV Products and ensure proper installation, resulting in optimal performance and customer satisfaction. They also provide ongoing support and assistance long after the sale and give you the reassurance you might need.


They are local to you making it more convenient for you. This also means should you need further support in the future then there is no time wasted in arranging work being done far away from your location. Often a lot of agricultural engineers will also travel to you meaning things like time saved, fitment, aftercare, troubleshooting will be more convenient.


Agri-engineers are experienced in the installation and diagnostics of UTV LED lights. They have the expertise to properly fit and integrate the lights into machinery, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Partners in innovation

We work closely with the Agri-engineers we supply to meaning they are at the forefront of ensuring we can develop and design the most innovative LED lights that will really enhance our customers working environment. Most recently we have seen first-hand the extremely valuable information they have been able to offer when testing new products. This feedback has enabled us to provide the best quality LEDs that can really deliver on performance.

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June 2023